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Energy Independence Solutions Company was founded on an innovative concept, thoughtfully planned for years on end. Not only did this concept use the green energy technologies available and accessible on the market, but it also redesigns products currently used in the field of green energy. From the viewpoint of our company, green energy and low energy consumption is considered as a standard for the future, indeed as a culture.

We have put together a dedicated team of lead advisors, consultants, project managers and versatile technical personnel accommodating to the variety of green and renewable energy projects; our family currently has twenty two members and growing by the project.

Our Team

We are designing a reliable world-class brand which relieves our clients from high energy costs, thus providing them with reliable high quality systems, as well as trustworthy low energy consumption products and the highest service standards.





To produce our high-quality brands of products, high standards are adopted in quality control and contracts are concluded with the most reliable and experienced manufacturing plants.

While on the other hand, new technologies are implemented and the best materials available are used for the manufacturing of the following products:

  • Electrical
  • Electro Mechanical
  • Green Technologies
  • Utility Sector Products


Our company offers a wide range of consultancy services that include, amongst others, engineering services, project management and coordination, as well as acquisitions of solar and wind power components used in the private sector, the government and utilities.

  • Energy saving consultancy
  • Engineering services
  • Project management services and coordinator
  • Acquisitions

Turnkey green power systems

Solar power plants are becoming increasingly efficient as new technologies are developed. To keep up with the pace of this industry, Energy Independence Solutions Company also offers a turnkey customized project and related components for all types of solar and wind generating power plants.

  • Solar and wind power systems
  • Storage systems
  • Components
  • Engineering

Electro mechanical systems

We offer HVAC systems, including chillers, heat pumps, VRVs, and energy saving air conditioning systems.

  • Engineering for water pipe systems for HVAC
  • Maintenance services

Electrical systems

Focusing on low voltage networks for utility companies, as well as residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

  • Contracting
  • Maintenance

Our clients and friends

Dubai Electricity And Water Authority (DEWA) Dubai Electricity And Water Authority (DEWA) The Jordanian Electric Power Company (JEPCO) Electricité De Zahlé (EDZ) Dar Al Handassa Hajj Concept Blankpage Architecs Al-Mouhandisun Contracting WH Hotel Balima Café Hayat Hospital Gloria Jean’s Café Galaxy Mall Bakleen International College Tetco Offshore American International School (Jordan) Hamadeh Castle Municipality Of Bakleen Municipality Of Abey Hamadeh Farm Pesco Energy Arizona (Nigeria) Nazem Hamadeh Trading Auto Scan Auto Repair Ladies League Of Choueifat Saleh Shipping El Khadi Farms Kabani Building Nizam Abdulbaki Villa Baakleen Veritas Sport Club

What they say about us

AL Hayat Hospital
Dr. Antoine Saber

A proven track record meshing with a striking eye for the future, we could never trust our hospital and patients to any one less knowledgeable; A decision that proved to be ideal.

Hajj Concept
Architect Dory Hajj

In our line of work accurate implementation is equally vital to design. These guys have not only advised to high standards but maintained flawless delivery and excellence since day one.

Hamadeh Trading
Mr. Nazem Hamadeh

Our sales have rocketed sky high since adopting the EIS innovations; our clients are not only returning, but we find them recommending us to everyone in the area.


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